Th re-start

19 Mar

So, with trepidation, and after much time, I continue my blog with a section on Trinidad and Carnival.

This is such an important topic for any Trinidadian that it must be written with due care and attention.

This year (2014) I’ve been in Trinidad for just over 2 weeks.  This allows me a good “run-up” to carnival and a “cool down” afterward.  It is possible to do carnival in a week but this will mean missing the shows which are such a big part of the entertainment.

I have judiciously picked shows and bands to cover a good spread of what carnival has to offer, starting with UTT’s Sparrow Anthropology on Friday 21 through 3-Canal, pan-yards, Little Carib, the opening of carnival, J’ouvert, Minshall Mas right down to the Savannah and Ariapita Avenue house-hopping on Carnival Tuesday.

Before I get into the detail of the events though, I will start with an introduction to carnival

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