For the next two and a half months, I will be on a trip that I’ve been planning for some time.

I will travel around Thailand, Australia, Vietnam and Cambodia.

During this time, I will try to immerse myself in the culture and particularly the food of these countries.

I have never understood how people on holiday have time to update facebook to say what a wonderful time they are having. This always serves to convince me that they are, in fact, having a terrible time.

Despite this, I will try to fill out a blog with my observations, pictures and recipes.

This will clearly either mean that I’m having a terrible time and writing a successful blog; or that I am having a successful time and writing a terrible blog.

Let’s see which it is.


One Response to “ABOUT MY TRAVELS”

  1. Vernon Ashby January 10, 2013 at 8:34 pm #

    Welcome to the blogosphere!
    My one or two friends will be informed and will follow Gyaliver’s Travels.

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