St. Kilda’s beach

4 Feb

I spent my last day in Melbourne at St. Kilda’s beach.  I took the number 96 tram from the City centre (Queen Street) to the beach.  I passed the Melbourne Museum and a lot of other sights.  Museums are not really my thing but this is grand and quite stylish from the outside.

Melbourne Museum

Melbourne Museum

After almost half an hour, I got to the end of the line but there was not a beach in sight.  I do not know how the woman I asked kept a straight face but keep it she did, while letting me know that I had travelled to the wrong end of the tram line.  An hour long tram trip later, I finally got to St. Kilda’s, where it was surprisingly windy and chilly – bear in mind that the mercury hit 40C last Thursday during the tennis.  I walked up and down the beach / boardwalk.

The boardwalk at St. Kilda's

The boardwalk at St. Kilda’s beach

The water at St. Kilda’s was quite calm and there were people paddle boarding and wave boarding.  The wave boarders all wore wetsuits.

Wave boarding at St. Kilda's

Wave boarding at St. Kilda’s

This could have been summer in Cornwall!

One Response to “St. Kilda’s beach”

  1. Isabel Epstein February 4, 2013 at 5:06 am #

    It’s easily done – going the wrong way but on the plus side you saw lots more things than you expected. Isabel

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