The Elephant Camp – Monday, 7 January

10 Jan

Malcolm dragged me to the Elephant Camp, where his neighbour Carol volunteers.  We had to get there in time for the 11:00 am Elephant show, which meant that I had to get my lazy (tired, I’d like to think!) tail out of bed in time to leave at 9:30.  Somehow, I managed to do this and despite my friend Malcolm’s driving, managed to get to the MaeTaeng Elephant Camp alive.

Maetaeng Elephant Camp

Maetaeng Elephant Camp

After downing a couple of Thai-style iced coffees, (not G&Ts, alas!), I attended the Elephant show.

The Elephant Show

The Elephant Show

I did not expect to enjoy the elephants – big heavy creatures that could crush me with a single footstep – but encouraged by a colleague and Malcolm’s insistence, I went. At the end of the trip, I rode on one, sponsored and bought a painting of another – I was hooked!

Elephant trunks, I discovered, have over 100,000 muscles, which is why they can paint pictures and sign their names.

Nimble elephant trunk

Nimble elephant trunk

Furthermore, an elephant’s age can be accurately calculated by multiplying the measurement of their teeth across, in both directions and multiplying by a factor. Not a chance of me putting my hand in their mouths to measure though!

Elephant Teeth

Elephant Teeth

Pregnancy (or gestation for an elephant) lasts almost two years (22 months to be precise) and they nurse their young for almost three years.
Elephants eat fruit, skin and all.
Oh, and just so you know, riding on them is not at all smooth and iced coffee before a trip threatens to return from whence it came!

Not a smooth ride

Not a smooth ride

3 Responses to “The Elephant Camp – Monday, 7 January”

  1. marinapip January 30, 2013 at 6:24 pm #

    Knew you were an ole softie at heart!

  2. Kevin April 2, 2013 at 2:37 am #

    Wow ! That comment above is a zinger !

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